Kara started making candy when she was just a girl.  Her love for candy making started when she delighted her boyfriend (now husband!) with batch of homemade fudge.  She discovered and developed her talent for candy making as she branched out to other candies over the years, and has been making delicious candy and confections for over 15 years now.  For her, making and sharing the perfect treat has always been the driving force behind her dedication to the art.  What you'll find here is a collection of her very best items, made to order and available with your choice of accent ingredients.  All confections are homemade by hand in Kara's kitchen.


Delicious homemade candy, made to order and beautifully packaged.


Perfectly sized and baked to order with your choice of accent ingredients.
Our selection of fine fruit confections are a great alternate to traditional chocolates and are appropriate for any occasion. These will disappear amazingly fast!